If you have a controller and have successfully cross flashed or done something worthy, reply back here and the list will be updated. Supermicro drive limit on oboard LSI Raid controllers. On what Mobo did you test this? Stux and Kristian like this. With the “Write-back” and “Always Write-back” options the requests are cached in the controller cache and they are immediately acknowledged to the application as completed and only transferred to the hard disk later. Has anyone tried this card for their hackint0sh? RobSam , Stux , TheBloke and 1 other person like this.

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LSI E SAS/SATA 3GB 4-port RAID Card: Mac Palace

The “Write-through” option ensures that each write request from the controller is only reported back as completed when it has been acknowledged by the hard disk. Maybe that becomes another page but probably not too useful. Stux and Kristian like this. Sas/saga cache mode The possible values here are “enabled” and “disabled”.

Just need some experiences of who has done what with which and why.

If the system is safeguarded by UPS, the enabling of the hard disk cache is recommended for performance reasons. PatrickApr 21, Sign up for a new account in our community.


LSI 3041E SAS/SATA 3GB 4-port RAID Card

Will see if I can track him down. Less cables strewn about is always a good thing.

The “Direct” option defines that the data to be read is read from the hard disk directly and is also not stored in the controller cache. Posted May 13, Posted May 27, A maximum of three options “No read ahead”, “Read ahead” and “Adaptive” are available.

Posted May 28, Sign in Already have an account? ZdarkplayerStux and 3 others like this. Pretty much anything based on the LSI e will just work. The “Always Write-back” option enables the write cache on a permanent basis; it is also used if the battery of the BBU is empty or if no BBU is installed, whereas the “Write-back” option automatically switches to “Write-through” as long as the controller cache is not battery-buffered.

Possibly should have separate sections for 3ware and Areca, as they are LSI based and 3ware owned but they are not inter-operable. If you find mistakes reply back. I’m opened to raod. If you know of other devices that we’ve missed reply back If you find official webpages for devices listed but not linked reply back. I have where applicable written which devices are cross flashable to other devices of the czrd chipset.

LSI Logic HP 3041e 4 Port SATA SAS 3gbps RAID Pci-e Card

Anyone ever used the new highpoint SSD nvme raid controller? Quite a few devices with no links are devices that may have been going to be released, are going to be released or just devices that never made it to production, but they are listed all the same. All the data here is written to the controller cache sas/sat as to be available for subsequent read requests.


ccard Posted May 6, It would be a shame to have those really fast drives and not use them at full speed. I haven’t tried it in a 32 bit, 33mhz slot or not Personally, I’d prefer a card with mini-sas multi-lane connectors The alternative “Cached” causes an attempt to first be made to find the data in the controller cache and to satisfy the read request in such a way that the hard disk is accessed beforehand.

But like you said not much point as you could just go to their respective website and do the same thing I’m fairly happy with the above now. Supermicro drive limit on oboard 4-pot Raid controllers. Dec 29, Messages:

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